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Petrified Wood Stone Slabs are accomplished for their special properties and luxurious look added to interiors.

Petrified Wood possesses extraordinary Metaphysical Properties and known as an extremely healing, grounding and protecting stone. The process of formation of Petrified Wood was that living tree has fossilized over thousands of years, replaced with minerals and silicon dioxide forms in place of the wood that degrades until there is no wood left. The remarkable healing properties by Petrified Wood are connected strongly with the energies of the Earth due to the way it is formed.

Slabs; Sinks; Tables; Countertops; Cut to Size Projects;

In the series of our range of products, we are manufacturing and exporting a broad range of Petrified Wood. These Petrified Wood are highly appealing and attractive in looks. The Petrified Wood Slabs are offered in different sizes, dimensions and beautiful colors as per customers requirement.

Petrified Wood Slabs are highly appealing and attractive are offered in different sizes and Placing Petrified Wood stones in your home is a fantastic way to bring the vibration of mother nature in your home.

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